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Corona Virus Vaccine -update 10/5/21 Posted on 11 May 2021

The Bute Practice are currently inviting patients in Priority Groups 6 & 7 to receive their second Covid vaccination. If you are registered for text messaging you will receive a text message, other wise you will likely receive a postal invite, or simply just call the health centre on 01700 501521 or 501524 .

Patients under 50 years

We have commenced with the vaccination of patients under 50 years of old.. We have started initially with patients aged 45 to 49(Priority Group 10). Please do not call if you are between 40 to 44. That group will open up soon.

If you are 45 to 49 please call for an appointment on 01700 501521 or 01700 501524. We have clinic times available all week.

Those patients in groups 8 & 9 ( 55-59 & 50 -54 ) requiring their second vaccination will be invited within the next two weeks. Please do not call at this time if in groups 8 or 9 as we have no capacity at the moment, but we will endeavour to open up further clinics in the coming days to offer more appointments next week with a planned weekend clinic on Saturday 22nd May. Patients registered for text message will receive a message when appointments are available. Otherwise watch this space or you may indeed receive an invite by letter or telephone.

Registering for text messaging is the quickest way to receive your invite for vaccination.

Those patients under the age of 40 who have not received a vaccine will now be offered the Pfizer vaccine. However at this time we have no idea as to when this will happen.

We thank you for your patience at this time.

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