Other Information

Public Telephone

There is a public telephone for your convenience. This is situated at the back of the waiting room next to the public toilets.

The Victoria Hospital

The hospital is next door to the health centre and is a community hospital, which means that your own doctor is in charge of your care there. There are medical, surgical and maternity inpatient beds, also an x-ray department, a physiotherapy department and casualty. If you have an Accident or injury, you should attend at casualty, not the health centre.

If you require medical advice when the Health Centre is closed you should first telephone NHS 24 on 111. If they advise you to attend the emergency centre, this will be in the Victoria Hospital. You will be seen by an emergency nurse practitioner and a doctor may also be called in. All dressings, stitch removals, etc, will be done by the nursing staff at the hospital under the supervision of your own doctor.

Visiting consultants provide Outpatients Clinics at the Victoria Hospital for:

Addictions Dr D Johnson Two weekly
Aortic Aneurysm   Once a month
Attend Anywhere McMillan Nurse Nurse Evelyn Glass Every Wednesday
Cardiac/Stroke   Alternate Wednesdays
Clinical Psychologist Dr L Swanepoel Tuesday & Thursday
Cognitive Behavioural Therapy Martine Kilgour Every Tuesday
Diabetes Consultant Dr C Jones Every three months
Diabetic Sister Dorothy McMenemie One Monday per month
Diabetic Retinopathy Screening   3 - 4 times per year
Dietician Deborah Kirby Three sessions per month
ENT Consultant Mrs C Macandie First Tuesday of each month
General Surgery Mr C Bolln Fourth Friday of each month
Geriatric Medicine Dr P Lawson Second Tuesday of each month
Gynaecology Dr Gupta Every four weeks (Restarting September 2017)
Memory Clinic Dr Gunput Every Wednesday
MS & Parkinson's

Kitty Millar or Cheryl Howe

Campbeltown Health Centre

Once a month

Eilidh Brown

Last Thursday of each month
Ophthalmology Dr K Thompson Second Friday of each month
Orthopaedic Mr A Chappell Once per month
Orthoptist Lynn Hood Second Friday of each month
Paediatric Dr G Hunt Once per month
PM Healthcare Worker   Every Thursday
Podiatry B Flanagan / S McKelvie Various
Speech & Language Jean Kennedy Multiple
Surgical Fitter Emma Davidson Once per month
Ultrasound Yvonne Street Two Tuesdays per month


Local Services, Let
Island Opticians W & J Duncan